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what we do

We are conversant with

PHP, MySQL, css, html, JavaScript Laravel, Amazon Web Services, Electric Beanstalk and Elastic Search.

We have firsthand experience of developing bespoke software solution including:

  • cms/website builder (similar to Wordpress/Joomla)
  • ·
  • eCommerce systems
  • ·
  • Event/Course Booking system (advertises events enables delegates to register and book a plus much more)
  • ·
  • Business directory systems
  • ·
  • Voluntary sector membership support system
  • ·
  • Fresh produce collection/delivery tracking, warehouse inventory system
  • ·
  • Village Halls Directory website
  • ·
  • Community support business/organisation directory and local information website


We have also worked with other companies to enhance their existing system including

  • creation of a data management tool
  • development of a subscription system
  • website migration
  • merging multiple websites into one single site
  • data migration
  • data restructuring


Our staff have also worked on the development system as diverse as:

  • Care Management system (records respite and residential care delivery for residents of care homes)
  • ·
  • Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation system
  • ·
  • CRB/DBS application management system with live bulk uploads to the .gov/dbs online system
  • ·
  • Employment agency vacancy application management system

We provide a full website consultancy and design service, together with domain name registration and hosting.

This service includes:

  • Website design
  • Content management
  • Copywriting, Feedback and Proofing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Bespoke website development to suit your budget
  • Website redesign and upgrades
  • Database driven sites
  • Website validation and compliance health checks for existing sites
  • Business concept testing
  • Logo design

Our aim is to give your business an unfair advantage in the increasingly competitive world of the World Wide Web.

Your web presence should be an integral part of your business and we work with you to establish your motivation, target audience and long term objectives before starting design and development.

For those who do not want 24/7/365 control of their website, we offer a website management service whereby Inspiraweb Ltd manages the content on behalf of the client.

Sites are designed to validate against the latest W3C standards, be optimised for search engines and compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

We have been working with small and medium enterprise (SME), charity groups, voluntary community sector (VCS) and social enterprise partnership (SEP) organisations for a number of years and the ethos behind everything that we do is "to provide our customers with a user friendly system, which allows administration of the site content without the need for you to acquire any web design skills".

Web Design and Internet Solutions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing are an important part of any business's success on the WWW/Internet. Inspiraweb offers a service which has already provided tangible results for our clients.

At Inspiraweb we pride ourselves on being able to implement innovative solutions that fulfil our customers' requirements and on developing bespoke web based systems that are individually tailored to the needs of our clients' businesses. (We won't offer just another template website - all our work is created from a blank canvas.)

Our speciality is that we develop websites that clients can maintain themselves and have the ability to search engine optimise the site structure and content while complying with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) usability requirements.

Internet Applications (Web Applications or Web Apps)

Internet Applications (Web Applications or Web Apps) are an ideal way to provide systems and services which can be accessed by many people in different locations and using different devices. You may want to offer a private members area with protected content, a library of resources for public consumption, showcase your products and services, or provide a bespoke multi-user collaborative application which integrates with your other systems. You may be a small business, a charity, a public body, an individual or an enterprise. Whatever you're looking for, if it involves the web we can help.

Today's web applications involve many different technologies working together to provide a slick and efficient user experience, and the application developer requires wide-ranging expertise encompassing many such technologies.

A typical web application of the sort we have developed for our clients might include:

In the web browser

  • html and css

  • javascript

  • javascript libraries such as jQuery

In communications

  • ajax

  • xml

  • json

  • security mechanisms including ssl with client and server certification, and the use of Public Key Infrastructure encrypted communications

On the server

  • PHP

  • Relational database management systems including MySQL

  • Application Development Frameworks including Laravel

Our applications, where appropriate, are optimised for search engines, comply with disability discrimination guidelines, and validate against w3c standards.

Copywriting, Feedback and Proofing

For those who want assistance with the creation of the content for their websites, we offer a copywriting service where we help you to decide what you want to say about your organisation and put it into words for you. Setting the right tone to engage your website users and getting your message across are as important as the look and functionality of your website. Being faced with a blank page is always difficult, but once you have something to work with ideas often start to flow.

For those who produce their own copy, we offer a proof reading and reviewing service. It's very easy to get too close to your own copy so that in the end you can't see the wood for the trees. You don't want visitors to your website remembering it for the odd punctuation error or the few typos you missed because you saw what should be there. As well as checking for things like spelling and grammar, we also help you maintain a consistent style, avoid jargon and make complex sentences clearer or read better. We put ourselves in the shoes of your website's users and flag up anything that may appear confusing to them or information that is missing but they may find useful.

Business Concept Testing

Example concept design

We have helped a number of clients with proof of concept work. This has involved discussion to identify their business objectives, target audience and where appropriate the income streams. We have in more than one instance gone on to design a scaled down website that they could use to test the market before making a large investment in their new business idea.


Logo Design

Logos add that extra something to a website, making it look more professional. You can use the logo we design for other parts of your business, such as your letterheads, business cards etc.